Behind The Scenes: A Look Inside Halloween Town

Let us show you around Halloween Town Festival. In this article we’ll be showing you the concept, ideas and what to expect when you arrive at The Great Meadow.

Up to 15,000 guests are expected across the three days as the UK’s biggest Halloween show lands at The Great Meadow in Bedford from Friday 29th October to Sunday 31st October 2021.

Halloween Town Festival takes place in a huge big top, festival-style tent and takes guests on a journey through the eerie entertainment to a massive night of music. With incredible makeup artists ready to turn them into creatures of the night, and bizarre and scary performances along the route, guests will become part of the Halloween Town itself, a custom-built production with a dystopian future meets Day of the Dead.

All routes leads to the Sugar Skull Stage, complete with 40ft LED screen, where guests will entertained by some huge names, including Craig David, Andy C, DJ EZ and The Levellers.

Sugar Skull Stage – The main stage

This stage will feature 60 suspended sugar skulls above the audience. Our scaffolding structure will have scenic panels with broken window frames, distressed corrugate, grills and ripped billboard posters, creating a dystopian urban future world with references to iconic Day of the Dead and All Hallows Eve styling.

Skeleton mannequin, broken glass, practical bulk head lamps, festoon lights will also be attached to the scaffolding framework. Over the stage we will have a 3D Halloween Town set sign on frame with broken carnival lights and and a skeleton hand picking out letters.

Do you dare brave the rave at the Sugar Skull stage?

VIP / Disused underground station

For those with VIP tickets the disused underground station awaits your arrival. The zombie ticket collector’s welcome VIP’s through the tunnel and deep into the underground. Our underground station walls will have a collection of old classic horror movie posters, red velvet curtains and vintage movie lamps lighting the VIP area.

Furniture style in our VIP area will have aviator sofa and armchairs, industrial style high stools and Woodstock high drink tables. We want you to experience the full VIP experience!

The early mood boards shown above set the scene for our VIP area. As with all concepts and ideas they are forever evolving and are subject to change.

The Bar Of Bizarre

Suitably spooked, guests can head straight to the Bar Of Bizarre, a three-story construction of corrugated iron, broken windows and barbed wire, barely holding in the nightmarish creatures within. Monstrous arms burst through the backdrop holding lights, but festival-goers are advised not to get too close…

The Garage – Food Court

This is the entrance to The Garage of the Halloween Town food court, you will walk through the archways which will have old rustic panels and American style gas pumps with danger signs scattered around. There will be several food traders providing fuel for the dead so the party can go on.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what we’ve got going on behind the scenes!

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